June 5, 2020

The Science of Search and Rescue in Law Enforcement with Jamie Stirling

Adam sits down with Jamie Stirling who is one of the top Law Enforcement SAR Experts in Canada. They discuss the relevance of search and rescue skill sets as they apply to patrol officers and special units.
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Guest Information:
Jamie started his career in policing in 1985 and retired as a Sergeant. He was the coordinator in charge of the Provincial Search and Rescue Team. As part of the Emergency Response Team section, he was responsible for the delivery of effective emergency response team taskings for search and rescue.
These tasking included coordination of the search and rescue program of the emergency response team. He acted as a spokesperson for the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) at inquests, inquiries, and committees examining search and rescue. Additionally, he was a liaison externally for civilian, volunteer and federal search and rescue organizations, and other police forces.
In January 2017, Jamie founded SAR-1, a collaborative company that combines traditional classroom teaching with the integration of the latest technologies. They specialize in training law enforcement search and rescue assets as well as civilians and non-profit organizations.

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