February 25, 2020

The Science of Training for Law Enforcement with Mike Musengo

What is the basis of AcademyTraining for Law Enforcement? How are programs developed and why? Join Adam and Mike as they dive into training and development for police training and explore the science behind the programs. 

Sgt. Michael Musengo is a Law Enforcement veteran with 28 years of service to the Syracuse Police Department in NY. He is currently the Director of the Syracuse Regional Police Academy and an Instructor for the prestigious Force Science Institute.
Mike also has 27 years’ experience as a Swat Leader, Trainer and previous Director of the NYS DCJS Swat Operators course in Syracuse. His past major assignments include: Commanding Officer of the Syracuse Police Training Division, Range master and CO of the Firearms/Armament section, 19 years as a Narcotics Detective and he is currently on the NYS DCJS Firearms board assisting in developing and re-writing the curriculum for the NYS Basic Course for Police Officers.
Mike has also developed, coordinated and trained hundreds of officers from numerous agencies in Active shooter response, Rescue Task Force Operations and several other High-Risk Operations and Advanced Firearms courses logging thousands of hours of range, classroom and tactics training time.
Mike’s passion for training and teaching has transitioned him from the tactics side of the house to an intense focus on Police Training at the Academy. Mike and his Academy staff have been enhancing and developing a curriculum in Syracuse (NY) that is"Following the Science", utilizing methods that are empirically supported to optimize long term learning and skill transfer. Mike currently resides in upstate NY with his 4 daughters and is passionately looking forward to his work as an addition to the Force Science Institute team of instructors. 

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