January 21, 2020

Staying in the Fight & Optimizing your Body with Dave Morrow

Want to learn how 10-15 minutes a day can extend your careers? How a small, consistent regiment can prevent career-ending injuries?
Adam sits down with fellow podcaster Dave Morrow, host of the HRD2KILL Podcast, and discusses their similar stories in coming back from injury. In this episode, you will get actionable information and an explanation of short "pre-hab" workouts that can help prevent major injury.
Dave Morrow is a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, an online fitness and nutrition coach, and a proud father. He helps military personnel and first responders to move better, increase performance and reduce their chances of injury.
Dave proudly served his country during the Afghan War, on Operation Athena, between November 2010 and July 2011. During that deployment, he suffered a career-ending back injury which changed his life.  Why does this matter? Because it led him down a course of self-study and reflection. He realized he had to figure out why he got injured in order to be able to fix himself. 
This journey into fitness has paved the way for helping hundreds of fellow warriors prevent or rehabilitate an injury. 

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