March 22, 2020

An Open Discussion on Effective Police Training with Adam Wilson and Stephen Strickland

Get ready for some three-way action with two very smart and entertaining guests. Adam sits down with Adam Wilson and Stephen Strickland to discuss topics on current police training, recruitment, tactical requirements, and much more.


Adam Wilson is a highly decorated police veteran with 15 years on the job. He is a best-selling author for his book, "Tactical Reload: Strategy Shifts for Emerging Leaders in Law Enforcement."

He has a national column with Newsmax titled "Unholstered”, and is the host of his own YouTube show, "Tip of the Spear with Adam Wilson."

He was recently selected as an emerging leader in North Carolina by the EA Morris Fellowship.

Stephen Strickland has over 19 years of law enforcement experience with 17 years of SWAT, 13 years as K9 handler and trainer.

He is a specialized instructor in firearms, physical fitness, active shooter, force-on-force, and CQB.

Stephen is currently the training Sergeant in charge of the agency’s firearms programs, armorers, fitness and wellness, tactical training, and more.




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